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Samuel Michael Forster, born in Stoke on Trent in 1978. I've lived here all my life in various locations but always kept my base location in the Tunstall area. Primary school was in Burslem before it was knocked down in 1990 and a new one opened in Tunstall. Secondary school was also in Tunstall where I spent 6 years dropping out of 6th form in 1996. Then went to Stoke on Trent college doing a couple of courses until I went to Staffordshire University in 1999.

Started my working career in 1995 where I worked the summer at Staffodshire University learning a lot about linux. In September 1996 I started work for BASS at the Park Inn in Burslem. A good friend then got me a job with ABB in 1999 where I was sponsored to go Uni. I graduated in 2003 and went back full time at ABB. The same year the team was outsourced to IBM and I progressed into a network role. In 2006 I moved away from ABB completely into what felt like the real IBM, working on various projects with numerous customers the main ones including MAB, Standard Life, Capital One, GKN, Bharti.

2009, is one of the best years of my life. I met the girl I plan to spend the rest of my life with! Got engaged at the end of September, we then had an engagement party at the end of January 2010 and were married in April 2011. Rhiannon Elson has filled a massive void in my life and I now almost feel complete...

2011, saw the arrival of my son Leland Michael Forster.Sam Forster and Son!

2012, saw the arrival of my daughter Sarah Jennifer Clare Forster.

The name and origin for this website comes from an ISP I used to own. This was the Zen 8000 Active from about 2007 to 2010. It came with a couple of static IP addresses which were listed on the RIPE database. With having Zen I got some webspace and figured I should start filling it!

Subnets I owned that were shown on ripe:-

forsters.dyndns.org (

samforster.dyndns.org (

samforster.homelinux.org (

samforster.isa-geek.org (

samforster.blogdns.org (

I used to use the above domains but now primarly use:-




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